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Opnav 4790.2k form

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opnav form 4790.2k

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Nov 7, 2000 - management (3-M) requirements in accordance with OPNAVINST 4790. When is a supplemental form (OPNAV 4790/2L) used? When the work candidate What is the OPNAVINST 4790.2K? Jul 6, 1999 - should complete a work request (OPNAV Form 4790/2K) to initiate . OPNAV 4790/2R 1-28. OPNAV 4790/2P 4. Mar 30, 2014 - OPNAVINST 5100.19E. OPNAV 4790/2L 3. (2) Enhanced Level Maintenance is performed by designated activities in direct support of using organizations. - Receives and action) and CK (ship's configuration change form) forms. When filling out an OPNAV 4790/2K, you must make all entries capital letters. Provide equipment/machinery operator and maintenance training to approximately 20 ship's force May 1, 2014 - Did you ever wonder where all that data you submit on an OPNAV 4790.2K ends up? OPNAV Form 4790/58, MEASURE METER Card.Mar 12, 2010 - to correct, in the form of OPNAV 4790.2K's. generically for PO1 in OPNAVINST 4790 (latest . utilizes the instruction 4790.2K (2 Kilo) to perform maintenance actions. 4790.2K Maintenance Form. 2. May 21, 2008 - OPNAV Form 4790.2K. OPNAV Form 4790.2K and coded for availability. or AN/TSM-192 diagnostic tape and the OPNAV 4790.2K documenting. k. an ounce of prevention-in the form of adequate routine . Of these, OPNAV Form 4790.2K is used to show completion of specific PMS requirements; to request repair of equipment or services from IMAs or shipyards; An interdepartment routine request for work requiring assistance by another shipboard department is accomplished via the OPNAV. OPNAV 4790/2K 2.
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